What is 3S technology?

What is 3S technology?

Never heard of it, nobody is using it, Japanese mostly not using it, but my technology came from there, so how is this possible? 

If someone is looking for waterproof coatings, one does not have to go far, whether we know about it or not, but these coatings are present in large numbers in our everyday lives. The inside of milk boxes or even fruit juice cartons, but even papers in which cold cuts or oily, greasy foods are packed are treated with a waterproof coating. Why? Simply, so it does not absorb the moisture. 

There are plenty of variations on the market to make a material waterproof. As I explained in my previous blog post, after a long search and experimentation, my choice fell on a procedure developed by the Japanese. This said procedure is not only innovative, but it has already been on the market for a good time and corresponds to all existing certifications, to name just the most important of them, the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) and BfR (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) and of course the Japanese have their own food hygiene permits.

Is it expensive? Yes, but I think and believe that anyone who wants to build a premium brand on such a line should have safety and quality as the primary consideration, although I know that in reality, in most cases, unfortunately, this is not the case at all.

There were two other important aspects to treatment. One of them is that its production is also environmentally friendly, and that no toxins get into the sewers and from there into our drinking water during washing. But lets turn back to why exactly 3S and what does 3S actually cover? 

It covers the three most important features of the material of Mekis T-shirts, as these properties have not co-existed so far: 

  • No Stain: A seemingly pleasant walk, can result with a large conspicuous sweat stain which may appear on our backs. Due to the waterproofness of the 3S material, the outside of the T-shirt does not absorb these drops, so no stain will appear on the outside.
  • No Smell: The unique, antibacterial process combined with the substance kills 99.8% of the bacteria resulting from perspiration, which are largely responsible for the formation of the smell of sweat. 
  • Sweat wicking: Perhaps the biggest magic in this technology is that unlike water-repellent clothes on the market, it’s not waterproof on both sides. The material absorbs sweat inside like any other clothing, in fact, it does all this much faster and spreads it between the fibres, helping to dry quickly and ensuring the wearer’s full comfort.

So 3S technology means these three main functions. A simple solution to everyday problems that you have managed to combine in one T-shirt, to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin. Why did it take 2 years to develop this? Well, maybe it's worth a separate post. 

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