Why do we hate polyester clothes?

Why do we hate polyester clothes?

I asked myself several times. When I started working on my 3S technology years ago, I discussed a lot with all the manufacturers who can produce this, how it would be possible to use only 100% organic material. The end of the experiments has always been that this technology works best on poly-composite materials. Personally, I did everything I could to ensure that there was no polyester blend in my clothes to which I always got the question from my American friends, what is wrong with these clothes after all? They are very common, and everyone loves synthetic clothes.

Honestly, I thought about it several times and never had a specific answer. Upbringing maybe? Outdated social stereotypes? Personally, I had some unpleasant experiences with polyester clothes because when I put on the clothes with up to 1% poly, my skin immediately started to burn, as if it were a stove in the fabric. Mainly these bad memories, made me unopen for using this material even to a minimum, let alone 100%! 

Encouraged by the above, I dived into the world of material composition and properties and was surprised to learn that, as with Merino's wool weaving technique, we don't care what technology we use in the production of poly, because it will depend on whether we get poor or high quality material. 

After long months of testing, experimenting, trying again and again, I got my first Mekis T-shirt in my hands with excitement and some hesitation. I honestly admit, I didn’t want to believe what I experienced when I first put on this T-shirt. Incredibly soft, comfortable, well ventilated and I didn’t feel a bit like the image I had of me in polyester clothes so far, not to mention that the cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t stretch and will not be fluffy! For those who travel a lot, there is another great news that the material is not as heavy as an average T-shirt and needs less storage space. 

Again, I had to realize that, as with electronic products, it doesn’t matter what is written on the box, but what method and expertise it was used during the making. The same is true for the composition of the clothing material and the manufacturing process. Of course, my feelings/opinions about poor quality fast fashion clothes still haven’t changed, but I’m sorry that they shape people the most about how they think about polyester-based clothes and their quality.

However, in today’s world of advanced technology, it’s worth pausing a bit and reviewing our old, outdated ideas and making room for the new. I assure everyone that you will not regret it!

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