Deai - Design Mask


Use a rewashable design mask*. We provide ours with the same 3S technology like our garments. Wear it and spread your confidence!

*Important: This is NOT a surgical mask please do not replace them.

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 Size (US) Chest (cm) Chest (inch)
XL 114cm 45"
L 106cm 42"
M 99cm 39"

Special Edition

Packed in Style

You'll find the magic inside! Feel our soft and stylish apparel, designed for everyday use, lounging, yoga and more.

Take everyday wear to the next level. Introducing our basic tee with our 3S technology; comfortable, soft, and fitted. Like a second skin. Our innovative and sustainable fabric is not only long-lasting; thanks to the ultra-absorbent material; sweat stains also don’t show through - only your confidence does. We see a world where we can wash half as often, where products last more than they do today. A garment that lives nine months longer than a regular one can save 16% CO2, 20% water, and 8% waste on the environmental footprint. Just skipping one out of ten washes shows a reduction in total toxicity and large improvements on CO2, microplastics, and all other things that should concern us all.

Daniel is 1.81m tall and wears size M

We use 100% high quality polyester treated with our 3S technology. Say goodbye to wrinkles (special knitting process), sweat stains (sweat wicking properties) and bad smells (thanks to Polygiene®) and Hello to quick drying.

Wash at 30°C with similar colors only. Mild tumble drying is advised and necessary to fully reactivate the properties of 3S technology. Do not bleach or dry clean.

*we tested the clothes on healthy men during their daily activities. On hard workouts we experienced some dark transparent patches.

 Size (US) Chest (cm) Chest (inch)
XL 114cm 45"
L 106cm 42"
M 99cm 39"


Wear more. Wash less.